26 Jun 2012

Bevan Docherty uses Austrian triathlon as trial

2:39 pm on 26 June 2012

Bevan Docherty will take a different approach to the London Olympics after he decided to arrive two days before the Austrian triathlon.

Docherty finished 22nd in the race while New Zealand's highest finisher was non-Olympian Tony Dodds who came 10th.

Bevan Docherty, who lives and trains in the US, chose to arrive two days before the race as a trial to see if the same could be done before the Olympics.

New Zealand triathlon's national coach Greg Fraine says Docherty has now ruled out training in the US and arriving days before the race.

Fraine says Bevan Docherty will now arrive in Europe three weeks before the start of the Olympics to train with the other New Zealand triathletes.