18 Feb 2012

Goats found to have their own 'accents'

7:29 am on 18 February 2012

A group of scientists studying the behaviour of young animals have found that goats can develop their own accents, disproving claims that their voices are entirely genetic.

The findings are the first to suggest that most mammals can develop an accent from their surroundings.

Previously, only a select group of mammals including humans, elephants and dolphins were thought to be able to pick up an accent.

Dr Alan McElligott from Queen Mary University of London says they found that goats' "accent' changed as they grew older

They also found that goat kids raised in the same social group sounded the same, compared to other social groups.

Dr McElligott instanced this to like differences between people in London and Liverpool.

He said the only other species with similiar vocal abilities are dolphins and whales.