10 Feb 2012

RSPCA wants more enforceable animal welfare codes

6:34 am on 10 February 2012

The Royal New Zealand SPCA wants animal welfare codes made more enforceable.

The Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry is working with the RSPCA on a new national strategy for animal welfare. MAF is also reviewing the Animal Welfare Act.

RSPCA chief executive Robyn Kippenberger says it will be looking for a number of changes to the law, including strengthening the status of animal welfare codes under the Act.

The codes outline minimum standards for a wide range of animals and industries.

But Ms Kippenberger says currently there's no way of making people comply with those standards, without prosecuting them.

She says the RSPCA will be looking for a way that minimum standards can be enforced without an overarching breach of the act.

Ms Kippenberger says the RSPCA also wants the Animal Welfare Act changed, so that prosecuting agencies such as it and MAF no longer have to bear the cost and responsibility of looking after animals involved in cases.