27 Jan 2012

Price, demand varies at latest wool sale

6:41 am on 27 January 2012

Wool exporters are describing this week's wool sale as a tale of two markets.

About 70% of the 21,000 bales of North and South Island wool up for auction sold, but with very mixed results.

The general manager of exporter New Zealand Wool Services International, John Dawson says the product destined for the Chinese market held its ground, but there was a large variation in demand and prices for other carpet and poorer style wool.

He says the North Island has had a lot of rain, and this shows in wool through discolouration and tenderness, so it was quite heavily discounted.

Mr Dawson says a lot of that type of wool is traded to Europe and this region is giving very mixed signals with many clients not making decisions.

He says a further lift in the New Zealand dollar also put pressure on prices.