14 Sep 2011

Hundreds of submissions on milk regulation review

2:01 pm on 14 September 2011

The Ministry of Agriculture (MAF) has been swamped with more than 1000 submissions on the review of the raw milk regulations.

MAF is reviewing the regulations brought in when Fonterra dairy Co-operative was created 10 years ago.

They were designed to offset Fonterra's dominance in the domestic dairy market by requiring it to sell up to 600 million litres of milk a year to other processors at a regulated price.

MAF says about 20 of the submissions have come from Fonterra, independent dairy processors and farmer groups within the dairy industry, investment firms, Maori organisations, speciality cheese makers, domestic dairy food and beverage producers and the US Dairy Export Council.

The bulk of the submissions, though, have come from farmers and other individuals.

MAF officials expect to analyse the submissions and report to Agriculture Minister David Carer in about four weeks.