14 Jun 2011

No increased use of 1080 by High Country farmers

6:36 am on 14 June 2011

South Island High Country farmers say they won't be increasing their use of 1080 poison, even though it has support from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Federated Farmers High Country chair Graham Reed says they use 1080 to kill rabbits as well as possums.

The Commissioner is recommending greater use of the poison to protect native birds, animals and forests from pests.

Mr Reed says while they welcome the Commissioner's endorsement of the poison, he does not see its use in the High Country increasing. In fact, in some cases, farmers there have been able to reduce its application.

Mr Reed says rabbit numbers are increasing on high country farms because more rabbits are showing resistance to the RHD virus, which was introduced more than 10 years ago.