21 Mar 2011

Motorised wheelbarrow unveiled at Field Days

2:17 pm on 21 March 2011

A motorised wheelbarrow was among the new inventions unveiled at the Central Districts Field Days held in Fielding over the weekend.

The 'barrowbull', which has a 52cc weed-eater motor and a reduction gearbox, was released by Tim Porter, who says it can pull a load weighing up to 100kg.

An outdoor vacuum cleaner was also among the more unusual products on offer at the Field Days.

Rotowiper managing director Dougal Lamont says the vacuum, called Lady Muck, picks up manure and is perfect for those with horses or alpacas - where manure needs to be removed from grazing areas frequently as part of parasite control.

Mr Lamont says the product is performing well behind the company's main feature, the Rotowiper, which is towed behind a four wheel drive bike and brushes herbicide on weeds, rather than spraying.