12 Oct 2015

Landcorp forms environmental advisory group

7:51 am on 12 October 2015

State-owned enterprise Landcorp has brought together some of the country's staunchest environmental advocates to advise it on implementing sustainable agricultural strategies.

Cows just out of Feilding.

The group will advise Landcorp on sustainable agriculture. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The group is comprised of six of the country's leading primary sector experts across a range of fields - Guy Salmon, Dr Alison Dewes, Dr Mike Joy, Dr Tanira Kingi, Dave Maslen and Angus Robson.

Landcorp chief executive Steve Carden.

Landcorp chief executive Steve Carden. Photo: SUPPLIED

Landcorp chief executive Steven Carden said the Environmental Reference Group would take a leading role in putting environmental best practice first across all of Landcorp's operations.

"For Landcorp this is a new initiative to make sure we are thinking the right way about how we farm and how we make sure the impact on the environment is as minimal as possible.

"We are very pleased this high powered group is willing to give up their time to help us think through particular problems we have in particular parts of the country and, most importantly, to identify solutions around how we can solve some of those issues we have."

Mr Carden said, like all farmers, Landcorp was considering how to minimise water use, reduce the amount of nitrates leaching into soil and waterways and about carbon neutrality.

"I think we are past the point where we want to shout at each other, and bringing people like Mike Joy around the table - and all the people on the group - there is a desire on their part to look for solutions, rather than continue to point out the problems."

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