6 Aug 2015

Wool scouring monopoly hearing delayed

9:42 am on 6 August 2015

The Commerce Commission has deferred a further conference that was planned for this week to hear final submissions on whether to allow a wool scouring monopoly in New Zealand.

The Commission has been considering the application by Cavalier Wool Holdings to buy New Zealand Wool Services' wool cleaning business.

The Commission approved the merger in a draft decision earlier this year, after the companies agreed to the sale in response to the declining wool supply and increased competition from China.

The Commission was planning to reconvene the hearing of submissions yesterday.

However, it said it had received new information on property valuations relating to the takeover, and now needed more time to check the information.

If the merger goes ahead, wool scours in Napier and Christchurch will close, leaving the country with Cavaliers' two scouring plants in Napier and Timaru.