13 Jul 2015

Feedback delays launch of dairy accord

11:11 am on 13 July 2015

The launch of a dairy industry workplace accord has been delayed by months because of the amount of feedback it has received.

DairyNZ is creating the accord with hopes of lifting employment standards on farms and helping farmers employ and retain skilled staff.

It was due to be launched in May but has been delayed until after calving in September.

DairyNZ strategy and investment leader Mark Paine said pulling together feedback from farmers, government agencies and other industry groups was taking longer than expected.

"The one area that's been fairly sticky has been around the conditions of employment, for getting the balance between hours worked and lifestyle. We've been putting quite a bit of effort into also thinking through from the employee side of things, so working more closely with young farmers on that front."

Mark Paine says the accord got more feedback than expected.

"It's clearly been a conversation that's really probably long overdue in the industry, so from that point of view it's been very positive.

"The accord aims to provide evidence of how our practices are world class and that our young people that are entering the industry can have confidence that they're going to be looked after by employers."