4 Jun 2015

Healthy Thinking workshops for rural people

8:53 am on 4 June 2015

A 1980s era ambulance will be on the road soon, helping to bring practical advice to farmers and others in the rural community about looking after themselves.

The 1988 retro V8 ambulance.

The 1988 retro V8 ambulance. Photo: Supplied

It is part of a new programme, Farmstrong, that rural insurer, FMG and the Mental Health Foundation have launched.

It is taking a different approach to other rural mental health initiatives, by promoting well-being, with advice on subjects such as nutrition, managing fatigue, exercise, and coping with pressure.

As part of the programme, Dr Tom Mulholland will be visiting regions over the next 12 months, to give workshops on Healthy Thinking, a subject he's written books about and taught to big international corporations as well as rural people.

'We've got this old 1988 retro V8 ambulance we're driving around the country to deliver healthy thinking workshops to a number of rural communities.

"We're also doing blood pressure tests and cholesterol tests and doing old fashioned house calls to be the ambulance at the top of the cliff.

"So, we're looking at more of a preventative approach and giving people tools to become more efficient, have better relationships and grow what we call the top paddock between their ears, and fertilise it.

"So it's like immunising people with tools that they can use no matter what comes their way, whether it's a drought or low payout or relationship problems.

"Life serves up some curve balls sometimes, so its about having some tools to deal with it."

Dr Mulholland and his ambulance will pay their first visit to Whangamomona in inland Taranaki on Monday, on the way to the national Fieldays at Mystery Creek.