27 Jan 2015

Fiji joins New Zealand's seasonal work scheme

6:11 am on 27 January 2015

Thirty Fijians will be arriving next month to work on orchards and a vineyard under the New Zealand's seasonal work scheme.

The Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme has been running for seven years, providing jobs for thousands of people from Pacific Island countries.

Horticulture New Zealand's communications manager Leigh Catley said political issues had kept Fiji out of the programme until now and that would be the first year it had participated.

The inclusion of Fiji in the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme this year was still at the trial stage.

"We're talking about only 30 people both male and female, I should add, coming here from Fiji to help in horticulture but it looks like something that because the RSE scheme itself has been so successful, we'll be able to build on and build a really strong relationship."