22 Sep 2014

More of the same, says Nathan Guy

7:24 am on 22 September 2014

Primary Industries Minister in the last National-led Government, Nathan Guy, says the incoming Government would continue with policies that found favour with the rural electorate.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy. Photo: RNZ

Following Saturday's election win for the party, Mr Guy said there would be particular focus on keeping the primary sector economy growing.

"Our manifesto commitments are all about more research and development, focusing on Primary Growth Partnership, making sure those runs on the board flow back through to farmers who pick up those new technological advances inside the farm gate."

He said the Government would also be keen to roll out water storage projects.

"Particularly in rural New Zealand, that make good sense, and we know there's a huge amount of job creation that flows from them."

Meanwhile, the Green Party's primary industries spokesperson for the past three years, Steffan Browning, is in limbo as he awaited the outcome of special votes to be counted.

The Greens won 13 seats on election night, but Mr Browning is number 14 on the party list, so unless the Greens increase their share of the vote with special votes, he will not be returning to Parliament.

However, he said irrespective of the outcome, the Greens will continue to champion the cause of clean water.

"The whole community wants rivers to be swimmable and of good quality, aquifers to be good for drinking, so the Green Party will be working very strongly still, going after those."

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