2 Sep 2014

Flooded farmers coping - Fed Farmers

7:04 am on 2 September 2014

Northland farmers are generally coping, despite some of them being flooded three times in a month, a farming leader says.

The latest downpours during the weekend caused further flooding of farmland in some areas still saturated from the last storm just a fortnight ago.

They included farms in the flood prone Hikurangi Swamp area north of Whangarei.

But Northland Federated Farmers president Roger Ludbrook said those farmers had support and would get through it.

"We have a good system in place with our rural support, and a lot of the farmers throughout the country came together and have helped Northland out and as farmers we are going to get through this, and spring has arrived, the first day of spring," he said.

"It's tough, it's been a brutal, brutal winter but, it's farming. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and if there was lots of money in it, all the lawyers in Auckland would be doing it as well."