19 Aug 2014

Rural Women releases election manifesto

8:38 am on 19 August 2014

Rural Women New Zealand has sent a message to the next Government in a manifesto of its wish-list for the next three years.

It focuses on 13 areas where it says action is needed to ensure a fair deal for rural communities.

Rural Women's national president Wendy McGowan said people living rurally and working in the primary sector were faced with extra challenges including isolation, additional costs and distance to services.

She said it was seeking equal access to services for rural communities, including broadband, adult and early childhood education and health services.

"One is electricity security. In some areas it appears lines are being taken out and in others, where the local community has paid for the supply to come into the area, they actually can't access the low user rate of supply."

Ms McGowan said Rural Women wanted all new government initiatives to pass a rural impact assessment before they were enshrined in legislation.