29 Jul 2014

NZ wine popular in UK market

8:54 am on 29 July 2014

New Zealand has become the second most popular country of origin for premium wine sold in the United Kingdom.

New Zealand Winegrowers says latest sales figures show New Zealand now sells 18 percent of all wines sold for over £7, or almost one in every five bottles sold. France is number one at 27%.

New Zealand Winegrowers global marketing director Chris Yorke said hard work by growers and wineries producing good fruit and wines is the key to success.

Mr Yorke said the UK consumer recognises that New Zealand has got a real consistency of quality "and that they can really trust a wine that has New Zealand on the label".

He said New Zealand wines suit modern lifestyles - very good with food, not too heavy and taste good.

The average price of a bottle of New Zealand premium wine in the United Kingdom is now £7.34, up by 8.1 percent.