21 Jul 2014

Dairy NZ holds post-storm workshops

7:41 am on 21 July 2014

The dairy industry believes 20,000 cows have been severely affected by the Northland storm and floods and it's organising workshops there this week to try to help dairy farmers cope.

Dairy NZ Northland regional leader Tafi Manjala said six workshops would be held across the region to get farmers talking with experts and other farmers about how best to respond.

Mr Manjala said farmers were having to deal with a range of issues from flooded pasture and silting, to having to shift their livestock and finding supplementary feed.

"The events are aimed at number one, getting people off farm and sharing some experiences with their neighbours. But also providing an opportunity where they can interact with fellow professionals like ourselves and other people that support their businesses such as ... their milk supply managers so that they can actually bounce some ideas around some of their recovery management on-farm."

Mr Manjala said it was vital farmers had a plan in place, and a plan B if that did not work.