16 Jul 2014

Monitoring of insecticide sought

9:01 am on 16 July 2014

New overseas research suggesting a commonly-used insecticide is killing off birds around farms has reignited a call from the Green Party for there to be monitoring of neonicotinoid use in this country.

Dutch scientists have published a report that they say shows that the neonicotinoid chemical, imidacloprid, can lead to a collapse in common bird species.

Green Party primary industries spokesperson Steffan Browning said the new findings added to the concerns that had already been raised about the impacts neonicotinoids had on pollinators.

"MPI (the Ministry for Primary Industries) have confirmed to me that they have no idea what volume of neonicotinoids are being used in this country. So there's no import figures there's no monitoring. Its formulation has to be approved, and that goes through the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) they come out with what should be on the label and how the neonicotinoids are meant be used but after that, it's basically carte blanche."