7 May 2014

Avery takes message to Australia

7:38 am on 7 May 2014

The Marlborough farmer who's been inspiring fellow New Zealand farmers with his advice on how to overcome adversity has taken his message across the Tasman.

Doug Avery is in big demand on the rural speaking circuit in New Zealand, with his story of how he and his family rescued their farm from collapse after discovering the drought resistant powers of lucerne.

He's also started working with Sir John Kirwan to help people battling depression.

His reputation led to an invitation to go to Queensland where he spoke to farmers who have been battered by years of floods and drought.

"I got a request from the Sun Corp bank to take part in a road trip to work with people who have been in the last few years smashed by serious, serious flooding and then smashed by the worst drought that most people over there seem to think they've had in living memory so, talking to them about strategies for getting out of these situations and ways to try to keep yourself well."

Doug Avery will be taking his "beyond reasonable drought" roadshow to Northland later this month.