6 May 2014

Horticulture export earnings at $3.6b

8:34 am on 6 May 2014

In export figures just released, the horticulture sector earned $3.6 billion in export revenue in the year to 30 June 2013.

Wine was responsible for generating a third of that, or $1.2 billion, and kiwifruit more than $934 million.

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The biggest gains were in onion export earnings, which rose by 47 percent last year to a total of $90 million.

Apple exports increased by 40 percent to nearly $475 million.

Honey exports were worth $144.9 million, up 13 percent on 2012.

In the 10 years to 2012 the land in horticultural use increased by 10,200 hectares, with land being converted mostly to grape growing and also kiwifruit orchards.

Horticultural exports now account for 8 percent of the value of all exports.