12 Mar 2014

Feedback on safety guidelines 'essential'

2:09 pm on 12 March 2014

Farmers and workers on the land are being asked for their feedback on proposed health and safety guidelines drawn up by Worksafe New Zealand.

Worksafe's national programme manager, Francois Barton, says those in the agriculture sector have until 28 March to comment on the guidelines which cover everything from riding horses and motorbikes on the farm to preventing hearing loss.

Mr Barton says accidents on the farm take a big toll, with between 16 and 24 people killed on farms each year, so farmer feedback on the guidelines is essential. He says accidents cost the industry about $120-$130 million a year.

To see the proposed guidlines and to provide feedback, visit the website worksafe.govt.nz.

The final guidelines will be published in June.