5 Feb 2014

New call for compulsory origin labels

12:47 pm on 5 February 2014

There's yet another call for the Government to make country of origin labelling compulsory for food products.

Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye is seeking changes to food legislation, recommended by the Government inquiry into Fonterra's botulism false alarm last year.

She is asking the Primary Production Select Committee to make sure recall measures in the new Food Bill it's considering are aligned with another piece of legislation, the Animal Products Act, covering dairy and meat products.

She says that's necessary to provide greater protection for the public during food safety incidents.

Labour food safety spokesperson Damien O'Conner supports that move. But he says the Government should go further by introducing mandatory country of origin labelling so consumers can choose where (the food they buy) comes from.

''All it requires is removal of the exemption that New Zealand currently has under the ANZFRA Agreement,'' he said.