3 Feb 2014

Speed fencing record set

7:20 pm on 3 February 2014

A new world record has been established in speed fencing.

Bill Brewer and Simon Green erected 30 battens on a nine-wire fence in 11 minutes and 38 seconds

at last week's Grasslandz Agricultural Machinery Expo, at Ereka, in Waikato, to become inaugural world champions in the event.

The Taumarunui fencing contractors also won $1000 in prize money.

Fencing equipment company Fairbrother Industries organised the competition and said monitors from the Guinness Book of Records observed the 11 teams - who had come from as far away as Wellington - and recorded their times.

The event and winning time will be entered into the world-renowned records book, providing all the paperwork for the contest is in order.

Fairbrother Industries wants the competition to eventually become like speed shearing.