12 Dec 2013

Marine scientist says NZ ideal for fish farming

12:40 pm on 12 December 2013

A visiting marine scientist says New Zealand is a marvellous place to farm fish being comparatively free of pests and diseases - but he says the industry is facing serious problems in terms of expansion.

Kenny Black from the Scottish Association for Marine Science has been visiting the top of the South Island giving Marlborough District Council an international perspective on regulating salmon farming.

Professor Black says salmon farmers here have got it a lot easier than their international counterparts in Scotland and Norway.

But Professor Black told Radio New Zealand he did think the New Zealand salmon farming industry faces a struggle to expand because of the controversial nature of the activity.

He says conflicts between communities and fish farmers are common in other parts of the world as well as New Zealand, and feelings in those communities run high.

But he says discussion between all parties, rather than litigation is the best way to come to a reasonable compromise.