19 Sep 2013

Candy Crush to effluent at the touch of a button

7:06 am on 19 September 2013

Move over Candy Crush - there's another new use for your smartphone.

Dairy NZ has launched its first smartphone app. The Dairy Effluent Spreading Calculator app enables farmers to apply the nutrients from effluent with greater precision.

Dairy NZ marketing manager Andrew Fraser said the app allowed farmers to make decisions on spreading effluent while out in the paddock.

"What you can do is work out what sort of nutrient loading that you'd like to apply. Then you calculate that and it will tell you, based on the effluent type you've selected ... the rate at which you should be applying it," Mr Fraser said.

"It will also tell you how much other nutrients are going on at the same time, with potassium and phosphate."

Part of the reason Dairy NZ developed the app was because about 15% of the internet traffic to its website was from mobile devices, and farmers were rapidly adopting new agricultural apps, he said.