19 Aug 2013

Wineries suffer further damage from latest quake

6:39 am on 19 August 2013

Marlborough wineries have suffered more losses and damage from Friday's magnitude 6.6 earthquake than they did from the 21 July event.

Wine Marlborough general manager Marcus Pickens says a number of wineries in the region closed after the big quake struck on Friday afternoon and structural engineers will be assessing the damage during the week.

He says there has probably been some wine loss, although how much is not really known at this stage.

"I think a number of the tanks, the way they behave would have spilt wine out the top ... and those wine losses are financial losses as well."

Mr Pickens says wineries are reporting minimal damage to bottled wine stocks.

Peter Yealands, from the Yealands Estate winery in the Awatere Valley close to the epicentre of Friday's quake, says the winery has suffered greater losses this time from split tanks holding this year's vintage.

"The epicentre is pretty much under our vineyard so a little closer this time and a little bit more shook up. A couple of the tanks had splits in them, they've bulged and split so we've lost some wine. And some of the catwalks that go between the tanks, some of them are a bit loose and need a bit of attention ... obviously we've got quite a bit of wine on the floor in our cellar door but all in all we're very grateful for the minimal damage that we have had."

Mr Yealands says the vineyard also lost power and water supply during the quake.

Meanwhile, the water level in the Haldon's Vineyard dam, about 15km upstream from Seddon, is being lowered as a precautionary measure.

The dam owner says further cracking has appeared in the earth dam from the latest quake and its aftershocks but an engineer says they are unlikely to have compromised the dam's safety.