24 Apr 2013

High demand for fertiliser

12:46 pm on 24 April 2013

Fertiliser companies are at full stretch meeting demand for fertiliser to take advantage of the rains that have broken the drought in most areas.

Federated Farmers said some areas had a bit too much rain, while others are still a bit dry, but overall the rain last weekend was exactly what was needed, with grass growth returning to many areas.

Adverse events spokesperson, Katie Milne said many farmers will be fertilising their paddocks to ensure they can make the most of the autumn growth.

Others will be re-seeding paddocks which have died off during the drought and hoping there is enough time for the new growth to sprout and establish before winter sets in.

Ravensdown and Ballance Agrinutrients have both confirmed that there's been a rush of orders.

Ravendown chief executive Greg Campbell said demand is especially strong for nitrogen fertiliser to give pasture a quick boost.

Ballance Agrinutrient sales manager Andrew Reid said sales are returning to normal for this time of year after a 40% drop in the North Island during Febuary and March.