27 May 2009

Honey map aims to stop rip-offs

12:50 pm on 27 May 2009

A Dunedin-based company is looking to develop a honey map of New Zealand, in a bid to provide some authentication to overseas markets and prevent local producers being ripped off.

Oritain Global's New Zealand manager Mike Darling says the country's reputation could be damaged if overseas producers re-label local product and try to pass it off as from New Zealand.

He says there is also evidence of a United States company re-labelling New Zealand honey and selling it as Manuka honey for much more than it is worth.

Mr Darling says his company has started a honey database that will store the geochemical fingerprint of New Zealand honey so it can be compared to overseas honey.

He says there is also an opportunity to provide an added level of certification for producers.

Mr Darling says the company has 600 samples in its database and is keen to take more from around the country.