18 Dec 2012

Companies have to report emission data soon

1:12 pm on 18 December 2012

Agricultural processing companies have been reminded that many of them will have to begin reporting livestock emission information to the Government from March next year.

The Government has indefinitely postponed agriculture's entry into the Emissions Trading Scheme. That means farmers are not financially liable for their animals' greenhouse gas emissions.

But Dunedin lawyer Lesley Brook said dairy and meat processing companies need to remember they will soon have a responsibility to report their production details so emissions data can be calculated.

The information will include their total tonnage of milk solids processed and total tonnes of animals slaughtered.

But many smaller industries are not required to report. They include: layer hen slaughter, egg production and goat and sheep milk.

The wool industry is also exempt.

Agriculture generates about half of all New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions.