14 Dec 2012

Book details chemistry of sauvignon blanc

1:45 pm on 14 December 2012

The results of six years' research into what makes New Zealand sauvignon blanc unique have been released.

New Zealand Winegrowers organisation published the findings in a new book, The Science of Sauvignon Blanc, commissioned from highly regarded UK wine writer Jamie Goode.

The organisation's research manager, Dr Simon Hooker, says it was the first large scale research programme on which the industry embarked with the aim of exploring the essence of New Zealand's leading wine variety and biggest export earner.

New Zealand Winegrowers has distributed the limited edition book to its members and to key market contacts.

Dr Hooker said the industry has started a follow up study looking at other aspects of sauvignon blanc production.

He said there is also potential for a book summarising research on New Zealand and botrytis, the fungus known as the noble rot, which is the bane of grape growers but also an essential element in the production of dessert or sticky wines