31 Oct 2012

More apples sent to Australia

12:45 pm on 31 October 2012

Apple exporters managed to ship more fruit to Australia this year, but the market is still very small.

In August last year Australia finally lifted a ban on the importation of apples from New Zealand, which was imposed in 1921 due to the fear of introducing the bacterial disease fireblight

Several companies air freighted small quantities and met with a mixed response from consumers and retailers.

Apollo Apples in Hawke's Bay is one of the three New Zealand companies to sell apples in Australia this year.

Post Harvest Manager Simon Thursfield says higher than average apple production in Australia led to low prices in the market during the winter.

This meant the company began shipping its apples to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane only about a month ago.

He has Royal Gala and NZ Queen in three markets.

Apollo Apples expects to increase its exports to Australia next year and make the business more commercial.