5 Oct 2012

High demand for services of top bull

12:56 pm on 5 October 2012

The Matrix issue does not appear to have stifled farmer demand for the services of LIC's best breeding bull, Howies Checkpoint.

It says farmers around the country are lining up to use him in the upcoming dairy mating season.

LIC says Checkpoint is the best artificial breeding bull to be bred in New Zealand.

He has a breeding worth of 327 or 83% reliability. That's 60 points ahead of the second placed sire, Fairmont Mint Edition, also from LIC.

Genetics general manager Peter Gatley says semen collected from the KiwiCross bull will be used to inseminate more than 250,000 cows this spring.

Howies Checkpoint comes from a past top bull, Shalendy Amorous, which was mated with one of the best cows in New Zealand.

LIC has agreed to pay farmers the costs of inseminations and semen from the bull Matrix, which was found to have a genetic defect.

An estimated 3000 of his female offspring were mutated, causing them to be excessively hairy, heat intolerant and poor milk producers.