25 Sep 2012

Study finds four main causes of farmer stress

5:03 pm on 25 September 2012

A study into what stresses dairy farmers has identified four main causes - finances, workload, relationships and health.

AgResearch, which is carrying out the seven-year study, has just collated the findings of its second year of research, including interviews with 1000 farmers across the country.

Dr Neels Botha, who is leading the study, says the top causes are similar to the previous year, and the aim of the research is to put better support in place for farming communities.

"For us it's important to know what is happening on farms, in particular dairy farms, so that we can work out how to get to people and help them before they actually hit the wall."

Dr Botha says next year, the study will focus on farmer burnout and aggression towards staff.