16 Jul 2012

Farmers move stock due to flooding on West Coast

6:32 am on 16 July 2012

Farmers in the top half of the South Island moved their stock to higher ground overnight after heavy rain caused flooding in some areas.

The flooding cut off roads around the West Coast town of Westport and the Buller River came close to breaching its banks, but the rain eased on Sunday afternoon.

Federated Farmers says there's been no reports of stock losses and the flooding is manageable as long as the rain continues to ease as expected.

West Coast president Katie Milne says fortunately calving is still at least 10 days away.

Half of her 50-hectare run-off block at Rotomanu near Lake Brunner, where the cows are wintering, is underwater.

She says her main concern is that the flooding will damage the pasture.


Ms Milne was recently elected to Federated Farmers' seven-member national board.

She replaces Southland farmer David Rose and is the second woman to serve on the board in the group's 67 years. Mr Rose has retired after a three-year term.