21 Mar 2012

Dairy goat co-op makes export breakthrough

7:23 am on 21 March 2012

Hamilton-based Dairy Goat Co-operative has achieved a major export breakthrough for its milk products.

Chief executive David Stanley says the European Food Safety Authority has announced goat milk may be sold in the EU as an infant formula, opening up new markets for the co-operative.

Dairy Goat Co-operative developed the world's first infant formula based on goat milk in 1988 and since then has developed a range of products that are sold in Asia, the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.

Mr Stanley says his organisations has been trying for more than a decade, including holding two clinical growth trials, to convince the European Food Safety Authority that its infant formula products were safe and effective.

He says the authority's decision that the regulations be changed to allow infant formula made from goats' milk not only opens up markets in the EU.

"There's also been a knock-on effect in Asia where some paediatricians are concerned that our product is not approved in Europe."

Mr Stanley says he expects existing markets in the UK and Germany will grow quickly once the EU law change comes into force and that could happen within a year.