15 Jun 2012

Salvor to undertake additional duties

12:12 am on 15 June 2012

The salvors of the Rena are moving into a new phase of their operation.

Braemar Howells says until now it has focused on retrieving containers outside the exclusion zone and recovering debris and broken cargo affecting the Bay of Plenty shoreline.

It is now planning to expand the operation to inside the immediate area surrounding the ship's remains, on the Astrolabe Reef.

The company will also oversee the wreck's safety and security, and monitoring its status.

Braemar Howells says it will continue the retrieval of flotsam from Coromandel beaches, as well as shoreline surveys and debris recovery at Motiti Island and the Whakatane River entrance.

The 47-000 tonne vessel struck the reef last October.