19 Feb 2012

Protesters occupy Housing New Zealand property

9:59 pm on 19 February 2012

A group of protesters who are occupying a Housing New Zealand property in Auckland, are spending their second night in the house despite a threat to use police to evict them.

About ten people moved into an empty house in Glen Innes on Saturday afternoon.

They are angry at the eviction of Housing New Zealand tenants.


Residents are required to move out of 156 Housing New Zealand homes in the suburb of Glen Innes as part of the Tamaki Transformation Programme. Under the project, 260 new homes will be built.

Signs on the walls and lawn of the small three-bedroomed Silverton Avenue house read "leave our homes alone" and "stop the evictions."

One of the protesters, Socialist Aoteroa spokesperson Shane Malva, says about 10 people stayed in the house on Saturday night to protest against the eviction of residents, some of whom have lived in the community for nearly 50 years.

He says the group didn't break into the property and is happy to pay the power bill.

A Housing New Zealand spokesperson says the agency will not tolerate people illegally occupying its properties and would like police to take action on Sunday.

Mr Malva says police have told them they can stay in the house until Monday.