10 May 2016

Accused mentioned other men to throw police off - Crown

10:09 pm on 10 May 2016

The Crown says the man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and her three-year-old daughter has told police about three other men in an effort to throw police off the scent.

Juwairiyah Kalim - known as Jojo  (left)  and a photo of her and her mother Pakeeza Faizal, also known as Mubarak Yusuf.

Juwairiyah Kalim - known as Jojo (left) - and a photo of her and her mother Pakeeza Faizal, also known as Mubarak Yusuf. Photo: Supplied / NZ Police

Kamal Reddy is giving evidence in his own defence at the High Court in Auckland where he has denied murdering Pakeeza Yusuf and her three-year-old daughter, Juwairiyah Kalim in 2006.

Police found their bodies eight years later, but only after a six month undercover police operation that ended with Mr Reddy showing under cover officers the site where he buried their bodies.

Today he confirmed under cross-examination from the Crown prosecutor Natalie Walker that he had given descriptions of three men in relation to the disappearance of Ms Yusuf.

They include a taxi driver who Ms Yusuf always used when going out shopping. Mr Reddy was able to give a description of the man's hair and the type of car he drove.

The second was a man Mr Reddy, described as Māori or Pakeha, who worked at the airport and wanted to marry Ms Yusuf.

Now in court and on his 43rd birthday, he has told the jurors that Ms Yusuf's new boyfriend James confessed to carrying out the killings and burying the bodies.

Mr Reddy said he met James three times and described him as a tall, bald clean shaven man who worked nights as a security guard.

He did not know what James' surname was or where he lives.

That is in direct contrast to the evidence given by undercover police officers who have said Mr Reddy confessed to carrying out the killings.

Ms Walker today pointed out that nowhere on the audio recordings, secret video recordings or the police bugged conversations does the name "James" show up.

There are strict suppression orders covering what RNZ can report on the undercover operation.

Undercover police befriended Mr Reddy and invited him to participate in a series of staged criminal activities, which Mr Reddy believed were real.

At the end of the operation he told officers he had killed Ms Yusuf and her daughter known as Jojo and led undercover officers to the burial site.

But in court, Mr Reddy said he had told the officers it was James but they didn't believe him.

He also said James was in a relationship with Ms Yusuf - not him.

Mr Reddy initially denied ever living with Ms Yusuf. He later said she did stay with him at his Otahuhu address.

He also denied moving in with her to a Howick address, despite withdrawing $800 the day before Ms Yusuf paid a $750 advance on rent.

Mr Reddy was also taken through his bank records, which show he made purchases at Michael Hill Jeweller and at the children's playground Chipmunks. He said he was at Chipmunks with another friend.

Ms Walker also questioned him on why he made statements to police saying Ms Yusuf had been his partner, and on another occasion that she was a woman who he had gone out with.

Mr Reddy said he didn't recall signing the statements, despite what appeared to be his signature on the documents.

Ms Walker said it appeared the couple were trying to rekindle their relationship after Mr Reddy was charged with threatening to kill, but it was a fraught relationship.

Mr Reddy denied that was the case and couldn't remember pleading guilty in the Manukau District Court.

Ms Walker then produced Jojo's kindergarten application form with Mr Reddy listed as the emergency contact.

The cross-examination will continue tomorrow.

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