10 Jul 2013

Officer hurt trying to stop stolen car

9:09 pm on 10 July 2013

A police officer trying to stop a stolen vehicle had a lucky escape when his patrol car was repeatedly rammed by the car and its 15-year-old driver.

The officer was trying to set road spikes in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn shortly after 1am on Wednesday when he saw the car was driving at speed towards him. As he tried to reverse out of the way, his car was hit three times.

The teen's car was later stopped after more road spikes were laid in South Auckland.

Four youths, aged between 14 and 17, appeared in the Auckland Youth Court later on Wednesday.

Inspector Vaughn Graham said the officer has been treated and is resting at home.

Mr Graham said the same officer laid spikes on Monday morning in the pursuit of former soldier Caleb Henry, who later died in a police shootout on Auckland's northern motorway.