22 Dec 2011

Minister wants health boards to consider PPP option

5:32 pm on 22 December 2011

Health Minister Tony Ryall says all district health boards will be asked to consider public-private partnerships, or PPPs, for future hospital building projects.

Mr Ryall has given the Canterbury District Health Board the go-ahead to plan the rebuilding of Christchurch and Burwood hospitals.

He has told them to sound out what opportunities exist for a PPP to build the new facilities.

"We will be wanting all district health boards that have very, very significant capital projects to look at options around public-private parternships," Mr Ryall says, adding that PPP arrangements would apply only to the building, maintenance and administrative features of a hospital, not its core public health services.

The minister says the Government is already proceeding with PPPs for prisons and schools, and hospital buildings should be considered as well.