4 Oct 2011

Call for parties to state position on animal welfare

11:29 pm on 4 October 2011

The Green Party is urging all political parties to make clear their position on animal welfare before the election in November.

The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee is expected to release a new Code of Welfare for layer hens early next year, replacing battery cages with colony cages within about 15 years.

The Greens' animal welfare spokesperson, Sue Kedgley, says the proposed changes are equally cruel, labelling them as battery farming in drag.

Ms Kedgley believes the Government is deliberately holding back announcing the changes before the election on 26 November and is calling on all parties to commit to ending caged poultry farming.

"We must require every political party to say where they stand and whether they will commit to switching from caged systems to free-range systems - not just switching from one cruel caged system to another."

The MP says there is already strong support from individual members of Parliament for ending battery and colony cages and wants this to be reflected at a party level.