8 Sep 2011

Brash speech rails against 'special status' for Maori

7:14 pm on 8 September 2011

ACT Party leader Don Brash has revisited the issue of race relations in a speech railing against what he calls the special legal status given to Maori.

In 2004 as National Party leader, Dr Brash delivered his controversial nationhood speech at Orewa and his speech in Tauranga on Thursday night titled One Law For All touches on similar themes.

Dr Brash says Maori have been given special rights - from Maori seats in Parliament to a greater say under the Resource Management Act.

He says that approach is fundamentally flawed and will get the country into a great deal of trouble.

Dr Brash says the present policy of giving a special legal status to Maori is generating huge resentment among many non-Maori and impedes progress for everyone.