4 Jul 2011

Increased iwi veto power inappropriate, says Brash

2:58 pm on 4 July 2011

ACT party leader Don Brash is calling on the Government to rule out what he says are some of the more far-fetched recommendations of the report on the Wai 262 claim.

The claim - often referred to as the flora and fauna claim - deals with the protection of Maori cultural and intellectual property rights.

The Waitangi Tribunal document recommends the reform of laws, policies and practices that affect Maori culture, health and identity.

Dr Brash told Morning Report that parts of the report allow iwi greatly increased powers of veto over almost every kind of development, which he says is totally inappropriate.

He says a great deal of resentment will fester between now and November's general election unless the Government casts aside some of the report's more far-fetched findings.

Maori Party MP for Te Tai Tonga Rahui Katene, whose father was one of the original claimants, says that approach is wrong.

She says it behoves people to look at what the claim is about to try to understand where Maori are coming from and then look at the report and see what the Tribunal is saying.

"For somebody to dismiss it without even having had a look at it is hypocritical," she says.