10 Sep 2022

James Shaw re-elected as Green Party co-leader by delegates

10:20 am on 10 September 2022
Green Party co-leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson, as Shaw announces he has been re-elected for his position after  a quarter of delegates at the party's annual general meeting voted to reopen the position for nominations.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw says it is an "honour and a privilege" to be re-elected. Photo: RNZ / Katie Scotcher

James Shaw has got his old job back, with the majority of Green Party delegates voting to re-elect him as co-leader.

Shaw was booted from the job in July, after at least a quarter of delegates at the party's annual general meeting voted to reopen the position for nominations.

Some factions within the party had been frustrated by Shaw's action on climate change and his moderate politics.

The party held a remote election this week, with 145 delegates eligible to vote.

Any Green Party member could be nominated for the co-leader position, but Shaw was the only one to put their hand up for the job. This meant delegates could either vote for him or to re-open nominations again.

All but four of the 142 delegates who voted supported Shaw's re-election.

Shaw said it was an "honour and a privilege" to be re-elected.

His attention would now turn to ensuring the Green Party was part of the next government, "with more ministers around the Cabinet table", he said.

As part of the government since 2017, the Greens had delivered changes its members had been campaigning on for decades, Shaw said.

"Our historic programme of work on climate change, which is now backed by billions of dollars of investment, is something that our members and I are very proud of.

"But there is so much more we need to do. Over the next year, I will be pushing hard for action to rapidly cut climate pollution from transport, energy, and agriculture.

"Together, Marama, the Caucus and I have a proven track record of bold and lasting change. Our combined leadership skills, particularly on climate change, inequality, and protecting nature, are unmatched by any other political party.

"Working alongside our members and MPs, Marama and I will lead the Green Party into a position where it can truly shape the direction of the next government."

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson said it was great to have Shaw "back alongside me."

"Over the last five years, I have seen first-hand how hard James has pushed Labour to take more radical climate action. Much like me, he gets frustrated at the slow pace of change and wants to see the government move much faster than it is.

"There is one simple way we can all make sure the next government takes more urgent action to address climate change and inequality - and that is by electing more Green MPs."

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