2 Aug 2022

Shortland Street, TVNZ nursing campaign funding to be kept secret

3:16 pm on 2 August 2022

Government spending on boosting nurse recruitment through Shortland Street and TVNZ is commercially sensitive and will not be made public, a spokesperson says.

Andrew Little

Minister of Health Andrew Little yesterday announced the government would be working with Shortland Street to encourage more nurses to join the workforce. Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

Minister of Health Andrew Little yesterday announced various measures to encourage more people to work in New Zealand's health sector, from overseas as well as domestically.

They would include the Shortland Street television show, but he was not aware of any payment being offered.

In a statement today, a spokesperson for Te Whatu Ora Health NZ confirmed the television soap and TVNZ Blacksand Partnerships - an advertising and sponsorships division - had been contracted to deliver marketing material.

It included an interactive quiz, social media content, promotional videos and a brief storyline to feature within the show.

"The campaign is underpinned by the goal of inspiring a new generation of nurses and we are looking forward to seeing it go live in," the spokesperson said.

"The ministry worked with both the creative and media agencies, and any funding provided from the Ministry or Te Whatu Ora followed all appropriate practices.

"Specific funding arrangements are commercially sensitive however we can say that this is one component of a wider piece of work which includes a website, posters and social media content."

TVNZ Blacksand advertises itself as a department which combines research, news, content and marketing teams to integrate bands "in and around our leading local and international line-up or creating bespoke content formats".