8 Feb 2020

Labour MP for Mana Kris Faafoi says he will run as a list candidate at this year's election

10:01 pm on 8 February 2020

Labour MP for Mana Kris Faafoi has announced he will run as a list candidate at this year's election in order to make way for a new Labour MP in the Mana electorate.

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Kris Faafoi said he would continue to advocate for the people of Mana until the next Labour candidate is elected. Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

He said that the decision has been made with a heavy heart, but creates space for new talent to come through at the election to bolster the Labour team in Parliament.

"The time has come to make intentions clear in terms of nominations, so that's my intent, and I think it'll be good for the party, and hopefully ... good for the government too," Faafoi said in a statement.

Faafoi said he believes he has something to offer the next government, so will be on the party's list.

He said he wanted to thank the people of Mana for putting their trust in him over the last 10 years.

"Over the last ten years it has been a huge privilege to serve the people of Mana. I know they will be well served by whoever my replacement is.

"What I'll miss about being an electorate MP is the proximity to a community which I've loved and will continue to do right through until election day, but what you can achieve in Parliament is really up to a person themselves."

Faafoi said if he is returned to Parliament, he will be a supporting voice for the next MP for Mana.

"I am committed to this Government continuing its bold and ambitious programme of work after the election to help all New Zealanders benefit from the opportunities this wonderful country has to give," Faafoi said.