7 Oct 2018

Presbyterian Church disagrees with euthanasia bill

11:03 am on 7 October 2018

The Presbyterian Church has come out against euthanasia in its biannual meeting, saying it is too dangerous for public safety in the long term.

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More than 300 people cast their vote to vote against the End Of Life Bill, which is currently before the Select Committee.

The church's convener, Reverend Stuart Lange, said legalising euthanasia would be extremely dangerous for those who are depressed or elderly.

The Bill requires the medical practitioner to do their best to ensure the person asking for assisted death makes their decision free from pressure from any other person.

But Mr Lange said the safeguards in place seem to primarily protect the doctors who are assisting the euthanasia, not the public.

"There are many, many safeguards that should be there, but aren't," said Mr Lange.

"For instance, there's no mandatory stand down period, there are no safeguards against coercive pressure."

Humans are created in God's image and therefore human life is sacred and precious, he said.

"The Presbyterian Church will be urging Parliament to respect the dignity and value of all human lives...and to not pass the End of Life Choice Bill," he said.