11 Sep 2017

Labour pledges funding, oversight for Whānau Ora

3:18 pm on 11 September 2017

The Labour Party is promising an extra $20 million over four years for Whānau Ora, but the funding boost will come with more scrutiny and oversight.

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Labour deputy leader Kelvin Davis Photo: RNZ

Labour deputy leader Kelvin Davis called for a comprehensive review of the Māori health scheme including the delivery model and the social return on investment.

It would also create a new position of Whānau Ora Reviewer, who would be responsible for monitoring the performance and expenditure of all agencies associated with the programme.

Mr Davis said that review was a chance to "highlight the excellent practice, but also work on anything that needs to be improved on."

He said that in the past Labour had concerns around the delivery, transparency, monitoring and reporting of Whānau Ora.

They had also argued that Whānau Ora had been underfunded, and Mr Davis said further funding will be considered once the review is compeleted and as reources allow.

"Of course Labour MPs want Whānau Ora to suceed because we want whānau to suceed."

In 2015, a highly critical report by the Auditor-General called the Whānau Ora scheme confusing, bureaucratic and poorly administered.

Nearly a third of the initial funding was spent on administration.

"That's why we're having the Independent Whānau Ora Reviewer, that's why the Whānau Reviewer will report back to Parliament so that their report is transparent and open.

"I think that our policy has really covered off the Auditor-General's concerns. We just want to make sure that Whānau Ora is as successful as it can be for the people that it is targeted to help."

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