15 Jun 2017

Scott Brown: 'Hello NZ and Samoa - nice to meet you all'

1:29 pm on 15 June 2017

The new Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa from the United States, Scott Brown has recorded a candid video message as he prepares to move to Wellington.

Mr Brown introduces his family in the video, including his dog Gracie, and gives a guided tour of the family home in Rye, New Hampshire.

He shares details of his early life including the divorce of his parents when he was a young child.

"I lived in 17 houses by the time I was 17, you know a lot of turmoil in the family - I had to wrestle quite frankly with a lot of things... drunken stepfather, physical abuse in the family, I had to come and rescue my Mom and my sister a lot."

Having a mother on welfare has also shaped his views on life, said Mr Brown.

"I understand, when Mom was working two or three jobs to put a roof over our heads ... I understand what it's like, the value of a dollar - I don't care if it's an American dollar or a New Zealand dollar, a dollar's a dollar."

Issues he was keen to discuss once he arrived in New Zealand, he said, were national security and the ability to trade.

Mr Brown - who once posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine - was confirmed as President Trump's pick as Ambassador in April.

The Senate Foreign Relations committee recently approved his nomination as ambassador, and he is now making preparations to move to New Zealand.

He describes himself as a "social moderate but a fiscal conservative".

RNZ's Washington correspondent, Simon Marks, said Mr Brown shot into the spotlight in the US when he won a vacant senate seat representing Massachusetts that was previously occupied by prominent democrat John Kerry.

Since leaving the Senate, Mr Brown has stayed in the public eye as a political pundit on the Fox News Channel, and was an early backer of Mr Trump's campaign for the presidency.

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