10 Jun 2009

Woman's letter to Key a compromise - Goff

7:18 pm on 10 June 2009

Labour Party leader Phil Goff says a letter sent to Prime Minister John Key by the woman who accuses National MP Richard Worth of sexual harassment has been offered as a compromise.

Neelam Choudary, who is an active member of the Labour Party, alleges Dr Worth made sexually explicit phone calls to her and sent her 40 text messages while offering her two jobs.

Ms Choudary had sought a meeting with Mr Key, but Mr Key said she should met with his chief of staff first, a condition she declined to accept.

Mr Goff says Ms Choudary simply wants Mr Key to hear her side of the story, and the letter asks Mr Key to take a serious look at Dr Worth's conduct.

Police are investigating separate allegations of a sexual nature against Dr Worth.